Marco A. Landin

Marco Landin (born May 11, 1967) is a performing artist and variety entertainment producer.  He is known for his involvement in the Seattle alternative performance scene of the 1990s, his work with Earth Circus in the San Francisco area, his role as entertainment manager in one of the top nightclubs in Cancun, Mexico, his time performing for Cirque Du Soleil as a fire-manipulator, and most recently his stilt performance work and variety show productions in Las Vegas NV.

Personal Life and Education

Landin (pronounced “lan-deen”) was born in Mexicali, Mexico, in the Baja Peninsula, the son of Leonor Landin, and grandson of Jose Dolores Landin and Benita Silva deLandin. He has been living in and a citizen of the United States since age 10, and enjoys a rich bicultural life with family members in both countries.  Landin spent his high school years in Houston, Texas, learning theatre arts and choral music, and attended college at University of Houston, where he studied Theatre and Technical Theatre.


Landin began his career as a repertory theater actor and voiceover talent, but quickly moved to Shakespearean theater. At that point, he began to accept extra performance work in Renaissance Fairs, where he was exposed to many forms of variety artists such as jugglers and bellydancers.  He became fascinated by the diversity of talents he witnessed on that circuit, and decided to evolve away from traditional theatre arts and into this rich, experimental realm of expression. 

Marco’s quest through the alternative arts brought him in contact with traditions as diverse as modern dance, butoh, unicycling, giant puppetry, fire-breathing, and stilt performance. He became a member of the performance group ¡TCHKUNG! in the 1990’s in Seattle, which helped sharpen his skills for situationist theatre and the avant-garde.  He then became a performer as well as technical coordinator for the San Francisco area-based Earth Circus in 2000. There he met and performed with talented circus performers from around the world,many of whom became lifelong friends. While there he also co-produced a theatrical piece entitled “Prometheus’s Revenge” with Infinite Kaos. The script written by Cris Sia was a “sequel” to the Greek Classic tale of Prometheus and Pandora, and was well-received by audiences and critics. 

At this phase, Marco was honing his skills as a fire-performance artist and traveling a large amount for performances. He was contracted by Vallarta Adventures in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to act as fire-performance skills instructor to the company’s cast of dancers for a new theatrical production. A version of that show is still being produced to this day, featuring much of the original fire performance skill set taught by Marco.

in 2001 Landin took a position as fire performer for Glazz, a new high-concept nightclub in Cancun,
Mexico and quickly became the Director of Entertainment. As the entertainment director he became responsible for producing high-quality cutting-edge performance concepts.  He also was concept designer for all the entertainment, which included circus arts, dance, and surprise variety guests.

in 2003 Landin was called by Cirque du Soleil to accept the role of fire-performance soloist in the show “O” in Las Vegas.  It was a role he was honored to be offered, but before long it was clear that his creative passions lay in a broader artistic expression than he could find as a cast member in a large company show.

In 2004 Landin left Cirque du Soleil and concentrated on building a performance and production career in Las Vegas, where is based to this day.  He has produced variety shows such as 10MINUTEMAX, an exploration of cutting-edge experiments in dance, theatre and alternative performance. He is owner of Dream City (www.dreamcityvegas.com), a stilt-performance company he manages with his beautiful and talented wife Heather Hyde de Landin.


Marco Landin can be reached at info@marcolandin.com